The Sanitary Clown Brigade

The following text is meant to inform volunteers who will be joining the clown brigade of their responsibilities. If you are reading this without being a volunteer yourself, it is our hope that it will be sufficiently complete to satisfy your curiosity regarding our COVID19 responsibility program.

Thank you for volunteering to help keep us all safe and healthy during this silent disco! Everyone who has registered to participate has agreed to follow the safety protocols detailed in the registration. Your role is to help ensure that everyone maintains these agreements throughout the duration of the event. These agreements include the following:

Next, everyone intending on participating in these events commit to respecting the following principles :

  • There will be no physical contact between dancers during events (even if you are roommates or lovers, we’re asking you to please wait until after the end of the dance)
  • Everyone will respect 2 meters distance between themselves and other dancers at all time
  • Connections will have to be felt through eye contact, smiles and play ^_^
  • Mask wearing will be recommended but not mandatory (since we are respecting distancing measures at all times). 

We will be working with a 4-strike policy  – anyone who is caught disregarding the agreements four times will be asked to leave the event.  If you see that someone is pushing the boundaries of these agreements, we ask that you address them as follows:


Strike 1 : Show them the sign you will be given before the disco starts

Strike 2 : Show them the sign again with a bit more exaggerated strerness (in keeping with the clowning vibes) 

Strike 3 : Ask them to take their headphones/earphones off, and using clear language, give them a warning: “We’ve asked you more than once by now : If you don’t keep 2-meters distance, you will be asked to leave in order to maintain the safety of other participants”

Strike 4 : Accompanied by another fellow clown, ask them to remove their headphones/earphone and ask them to leave the event


What you will need to bring

You are asked to bring all your typical disco apparel (silly costume, phone, headphones, etc.) and, exceptionally for your role as a pandemic clown, 2 belts! One for your waste and one for your body (over one shoulder and across the chest). Alternatively, scarves can also be used. 

Your costume and props

To make yourselves highly visible to disco goers in need of any assistance, you will be provided with a sanitized clown flag, clown nose, and a sign. 

The flag is to be worn throughout the dance along the back so as to have the flag above the head. To attach the flag simply place it through your waist belt and shoulder belt along your back and it should hold. 

You will also be provided with a clipboard on which there will be a sign asking people to respect the 2-meter distance. This will be useful to intervene within case people are pushing the boundaries of this principle. Simply point to the sign and clown away!

The clown nose is optional (but you would be shocked at how comfortable you can be doing interventions with a clown nose!) 

And that’s it!

If you have any questions before the event starts or issues during the event, you can reach out to the event organizers for help. 

Thank you again and enjoy the disco! 🙂