COVID19 responsible disco-ing plan

More than ever, we need to dance, and play, and blow off some steam, and find ourselves in groups again!

This is why Silent Disco Squad has put together these strategies to host dance events in a way that will not put anyone at risk and will create spaces in which people feel safe and welcomed to party a little bit. 

As of this moment, until the end of the pandemic, Silent Disco Squad commits to :

  • Hosting events in a way that respects local laws on outside gatherings in Québec (that being 50 people maximum, and respecting 2 meters of social distancing.) 
  • Furthermore, all of our events will take place in large outdoor spaces where there will be sufficient space to respect the 2 meters of distance without coming too close to any fellow citizen in a way that would make them uncomfortable. (Yes, we will return to dancing in the streets once this crisis is over :P) 

Next, everyone intending to participate in these events will commit to respecting the following principles :

  • There will be no physical contact between dancers during events (even if you are roommates or lovers, we’re asking you to please wait until after the end of the dance to get close)
  • Everyone will respect 2 meters distance between themselves and other dancers at all times
  • Connections will have to be felt through eye contact, smiles and play ^_^
  • Mask wearing will be recommended but not mandatory (since we are respecting distancing measures at all times). 
  • If you feel any symptoms before the dance, please stay at home.

At the beginning of the event, a reminder of these agreements will be shared as a means of recruiting everyone to a culture of respect and responsibility in the hopes of improving the probability of there being no issues with ensuring sanitary practices. 

To facilitate the respect of these agreements, Silent Disco Squad will also deploy its sanitary clown brigade – a group of volunteer anti-pandemic clowns dedicated to the prevention of unwanted viruses through playful intervention. There will be 1 member of the brigade for every 10 attendees and it will be their job to support people in honoring these agreements. They will also intervene in the event of neglect of the agreements and will be going as far as asking those who consistently flaunt limits to simply leave the event. If you would like more information on the brigade, you can visit this page. 

This is new grounds for everyone involved so expect changes to these policies as we come to better understand the situation that we are in. If you are inspired by these principles and want to organize your own events in a way that benchmarks on what has been written here, you are welcome to! Simply respect the requirements of the CC-BY-SA license while doing so.

Looking forward to dancing with all of you soon!