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                                                                  ( ↑ insert name of your city here ↑)

We don’t have a centralized way of seeing upcoming worldwide silent disco events (yet)

It is however recommended that you use the above naming convention to look up your area and see if you have local chapter (either on facebook or any other social media platform of your choice). If you do, following them can also be an interesting solution to keep up to date on local events. 

Using hashtags to find Silent Disco Squads events

Create a Google alert for #silentdiscosquads and #silentdiscosquads+city name (eg. #silentdiscosquadsmontreal).

  • Go to Google alerts
  • In the search bar at the top, enter #silentdiscosquads
  • To change your settings, click Show options. You can refine the parameters of your search and edit other options including how often you receive notifications, from what region and types of sites.
  • Click Create alert. You will then receive emails whenever Google finds matching results.

#SilentDiscoSquads____________(Name of your town!)