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How to Create your own Silent Disco

So, you want to host a Silent Disco of your own? Great! You’ll see, it’s quite simple.

Here’s what you’re going to need :
  1. A route for your disco to travel.
  2. A 90 minute DJ mix.
  3. An event invitation (social media, etc.).
  4. A file sharing software to share your musical mix.
  5. To host the disco the day of the event.

and that’s it!

We’ve created a handy guide that goes into each of these points in detail and helps you set the framework to host an outstanding party. 

Click here for the guide: how to host a disco EN

We’ve also prepared a whole bunch of visual material you could use to help design your invitation. Enjoy!

Using hashtags to promote your Silent Disco Squad event.

Using the medium of your choice (social media or otherwise), we recommend you first go over the typical event description text provided below and update it to your liking.

Don’t forget to :

  1. Give your event a funky name
  2. talk about where people are going to meet up
  3. talk about the DJ (with links if possible)
  4. set a theme for the disco (costumes maybe?) if you want to
  5. the starting time of your event (we suggest music starts 20 minutes after the arrival time)

Use the hashtags #silentdiscosquad and #silentdiscosquad+name of your city. (Eg #silentdiscosquadmontreal) in the description, as well as to promote your event, so that people can find it easily.

Encourage people to set up Google alerts for #silentdiscosquad and the hashtag specific to your city so they can stay up to date on future silent disco squad events in your city.

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