Silent Disco Squads

Silent Disco Squad(SDS) is a community of people aimed at turning the world into a dance floor.

Silent Disco Squads brings the transformational power of the dance floor into everyday moments by organizing public, participant driven dance parties. Using mp3 players, smartphones, and headphones, all SDS participants hear the same music at the same time, transforming everyday moments into a Silent Disco Squads.

Turning the world into a dance floor!

Visual material

To help embelish your own sds events, we’re helping you by giving you access to our logo, promotional pictures and our videos. To better understand what you can and cannot do with this material, consult our page concerning our creative commun licence.

The Silent Disco Squad logos can be downloaded here

Here are a few of our important promotional videos :

Pictures of silly disco warriors


Licencing information

Please note that “Silent Disco Squads” is the name of a practice, one in which mobile dances are organized in public spaces, and not the name of a brand. This gives you the right to organize events using the name “Silent Disco Squads”.

The organization of Silent Disco Squads events are to be considered a Creative Commons, belonging to all. This means that anyone can organize a Silent Disco Squads event, however they’d like, following these suggestions or not, with no approval required.

The resources made available on this website are to help organize your own events (photos, videos, descriptions of methodology, logo, etc.) circulated under the usage license CC-BY-SA. This means, if you are inspired by this guide, or use one of the photos/ videos in the promotion of your event, you just need to credit Silent Disco Squads for the support and the inspiration.

Finally, feel free to talk about the practice to as many people as possible and to share this document so that more Silent Disco Squads events can take place, contributing to turning the world into a dance floor!