What is Silent Disco Squad?

Silent Disco Squad (SDS) is an experimental dance party that creates shared music experiences in everyday moments.

SDS started with three burning questions:

  • How can we carry the power of the dance floor into everyday moments?
  • Does technology bring us closer together or further apart?
  • How can you scale a vibe without losing integrity?

We believe the dance floor is a powerful space deeply embedded within human culture. It creates a space for expression, connection and community. With Silent Disco, our goal is to infuse everyday urban moments with the alchemical potential of the dance floor.


Shared Music Experience

The dance mix is distributed ahead of time as an mp3.  We meet up at a designated time and place, then countdown “3,2,1 Play!”. We hit play together, listen to the same music at the same time and groove!


We groove outside, in the public space. While there is a barrier to entry (music player + headphones), we aim to make it as easy as possible to join in an SDS. Bring a headphone splitter and an extra pair of headphones! Everyone is invited!


Through our dance and expression we celebrate our selves, our city, and life itself. We respectfully spread joy and mayhem ~:D



Social artist, dedicated to reclaiming public space through the power of dance. “My general purpose seems to be about giving people as much power as possible through the arts and silent disco is the perfect medium through which to help people integrate the understanding that these are THEIR cities. What better way to own your land that to rekindle the ritual of dancing under the sun?”


Avishmita shivkumar – Role fluid

Silent Disco Squad reignited a long buried passion for weird, infectious dance with friends. She quickly became addicted to the infectious joy, the sense of community and belonging it sparks and the fact that it turns the city  into a playground!

ANDRÉANNE DALLAIRE – Shadow charmer 

Seduced by the energy of co-creation, love of sharing and the medium of movement, Andréanne chooses proudly to support the SDS community by offering spontaneous support. She believes in the therapeutic power of the practice and hopes that can be experienced by as many people as possible.

Founding members
David Zangwill – Chief Dance Officer

David has been forever transformed through his participation on Dancefloors. His goal is to carry the wisdom forward and is unabashedly obsessed with Turning the World into a Dancefloor. David was here to support, enable, and empower as many people as possible to organize their own Silent Disco Squads and bring humanity together through collective joy.

“I’m here to see how far we can spread SDS while maintaining the integrity of the vision. If SDS speaks to you, please reach out! I am more than happy to help you participate in SDS on any level you choose.”

Jonathan Dupre – Chief Design Officer

Jonathan has a sweet sleeve tat. He knows what looks good, and wasn’t afraid to take chances.

“We’re gonna make Google’s X lab look like Nordstroms.”

Annie Ngo – Chief Digital Artist

Annie is a multimedia artist with a knack for visual communication. Annie gorgeously expresses herself in a plethora of digital art mediums. She embraces taking part in projects aiming at flourishing Montreal’s cultural life. She met David in January 2013 and it’s been beautiful ride since!

David Hernon – Chief Bovine Officer

Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.


Martin weiss – chief techno officer

Martin is a deep thinking social-change-oriented entrepreneur, and was Chief Techno Officer for SDS. He likes riding his motorcycle, dancing his face off, and learning everything he can. He graduated with a B.Sc. in Software Eng from McGill, plays piano, mixes, and runs marathons.

“I care about people. Software is a means to an end for me. It’s how I create change.”

jonathan glencross – Chief movement officer

When do powerful moments become uncontainable movements?